Brotherhood of Man.

Oh heavenly Father we pray to thee we come to you on banded knee,

For while we pray for the soul's that have past our love for you will be steadfast,

You gave us life you gave us scope to do the best with a feeling of hope,

The love we have within our hearts with a feeling of joy we do impart,

With a feeling of Peace and calmness divine Oh heavenly spirit your love is so fine,

So we send out all our thoughts for all of mankind,

We pray for the sinners that they may be cleansed,

We pray for the world without bloodshed and tears,

We pray for the homeless, the sick, and the dying, the animal kingdom and all of our friends,

We pray for the hungry that they maybe fed and all of our children,

That they may be lead to a brighter future for all to share,

We pray for the world leaders and the powers that be,

If only they could see that peace is at hand all they would need is the brotherhood of man,

For we all Pray that this could be for this magnificent world,

As we could all live in peace and harmony,

Just as our great Father had planned


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