Broken Heart.

I would wonder each and every day what my life would be,

And how all things would have an affect upon me,

Through my life there was so much pain,

This has made me strong with insight 1 gained,

God granted me children, which 1 do adore,

For they brought me happiness and much, "much" more,

Things are not always as they seem,

For there is always something unforeseen,

Sometimes I feel in great despair,

And I wonder if anyone really does care,

Oh lord take away this emptiness that is left deep inside,

And replace it with fullness so my heart feels alive,

Each day that comes I just muddle through,

For the pretence I show is so untrue,

So 1 ask Oh heavenly spirit just to help me through,

For when one suffers physical pain,

It can be really bad,

But if you suffer from a broken heart,

The pain could drive you mad


©Angelwing Graphics