God grant me peace both night and day,

And give me guidance along the way,

Show me the things you would have me do,

For I am your servant this is true,

Give peace and calm to all that I pray,

And keep all your children in harmony,

For we will uphold you're wishes and all you survey,

Give insight to the children so they can be strong,

And give guidance to their parents to help them along,

Without your teachings Oh Father above,

We would have naught not even love,

Your light does shine within everyone's heart,

As man does believe what you have to say,

Because of your chosen ones along the way,

You gave some the insight to do your good deeds,

And to help spread the good words of all of your creeds

This must be done in order to portray,

How good and gentle you can be,

For your radiant light shines from deep within,

For you gave your Sons life for all of mans sins.


ŠAngelwing Graphics 2006