From the Heart of a


I cannot say how much I hurt, or tell you how much I cared,

I miss you Mam so very much the pain is hard to bear,

You left me without a word or the chance to say goodbye,

At night I feel so alone and all I do is cry,

I miss you more than you could know, I miss the times we shared

So I pray to God up above to keep you in his loving care,

They say that time will heal the pain that I do feel inside,

They say that life will carry on,

But I feel so scared without you by my side,

The days just come and the days just go,

And I just carry on,

But the love we shared together Mam will always be so strong,

I asked my Father up above to help me through this time,

And he gave me the strength to face each day,

Just one day at a time.


Angelwing Graphics 2006