In Memory of


A nation cried and hearts did die.

The day you went away.

The love that we do feel for you.

Will always be here to stay.

You left us with so much love.

This you could never know.

Just how you touched our hearts.

Right down to our very souls.

 A nation stood just as one .

United through and through.

With only one thought upon our minds.

And that was for only you.

We will always remember.

With loving thoughts.

And all our hopes renewed.

For the gift of love you left behind.

Was for every one of us.

 Your family will miss your loving touch.

Also your beautiful face.

We have asked God to make you happy.

Because you were full of grace.


You will be missed so very much.

Not just by one or two.

Every one in this world.

Because there is no other as fine as you.


When God took you home,

he broke your precious mold.

Because your heart was made of

Only the purest  gold.




©Angelwing Graphics 2006