Celestial Light

My Father above I ask this of you,

To send down your love and make us feel new,

Give us your rays of your celestial light,

For man has lost his for the own foresight

The beauty we have deep in our souls

God gave man freewill to accomplish his goals,

We ask all the souls of our family and friends,

To please join together and help this world mends,

With all of your guidance your truth and your love,

We will feel the vibrations from heaven above,

For you are our creator with your infinite source,

As for mankind some have no remorse,

Maybe with love that you put inside,

This could make us more tolerant forthcoming and wise,

We ask you our Father with all of our souls,

Please help us to see that were all made as one,

So take the pain from within and cast it aside,

To make us more positive gentle and kind,

Some have so much hate that they keep locked inside,

And others are blind with there own sense of pride,

We all need to know that hate is so wrong,

For all that we do to others will not make us strong,

We believe that mankind needs a good form of release,

So if we pray to God the Father he will grant us this peace.

Angelwing Graphics 2006