Angels Voices.

I walk in a land not far from Here

Where Angel voices ring in my ear

The notes of love, laughter and cheer,

The Angels guide me without fear

They tell me things I need to know,

With love in my heart and soul all a glow,

Don’t be afraid if they call on you ,

For God has sent them to help you through

For some have problems and just can not cope,

so God sends his Angels to give us hope,

When I walk with an Angel,

Hand in hand in mine,

I know God loves me,

Not just for a little while,

For I know God will always help in every way that he can,

Because he loves all his children,

Because we are the Brotherhood of men

We thank Gods Angels

Who look down on us from above,

For we know that there being,

Is truly in Gods love.

                                        ©Angelwing Graphics 2006