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Niles & Norrelle

Niles and Norrelle, have been lovingly created to allow you the pleasure, of giving this superb present to one of your loved ones this Christmas,
if you can allow yourself to part with them.

The twins come complete with their own Silver Cross Pram, for you to take them out walking on these crisp clear mornings


Just think of the joy they would bring to any little girl on Christmas morning, imaging the smiles and happiness


you could give to another person, large or small, Christmas is all about giving and sharing.

But you could also keep them yourself, and just imaging the pleasure you would get from these TWO exquisitely reborn babies and their own carriage.

Niles the elder of the pair by about seven minutes, was reborn from a Berenguer "Mary" face, and sports a lovely head of straight hand rooted brunet hair.

Norrelle, meaning "Light of God", was created from a Berenguer
"Sucky-Lip" and hand rooted with wavy brunet hair.

Both come with full limbs, that have been carefully coloured and painted to give life to the vinyl,

Delicately weighted, and filled with soft filling and poly pellets for that baby weight.

Niles comes in at 7lb exactly and his younger sister Norrelle comes home at a slightly lighter 6lb 8oz,

The twins will arrive at their new home wearing the little sailor suits shown in the pictures and of course their matching navy blue pram.

Also included in their home-coming pack are:
a shawl, cuddly toy, spare nappy, brush and comb set

blank birth certificate, care letter and of course a certificate of authenticity from Angelwing Nursery.

The Navy blue twin pram is in excellent condition for its age
and has no marks or dents to its body.

The Pram is included in this auction




and a


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