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Our Twins


What a day!  we thought one, but got double the pleasure.  Reborn from a pair of Antonio Juan Dolls,  But after all that pleasure, we haven't got the room for them.  We will miss these little bundles of joy. Are there any kind, loving parents out there to look after these sweet, adorable babies.  They must both go to the same home.


Cheryll loves her comfort, and more than anything else, she loves her sleep, she is the calm reliable one, always ready to sooth out her sister.


Sophie, is the total opposite to her sister, she is the loud, cheeky one, who hates sleeping in case she misses anything, and she is always on the lookout for trouble.



Don't be fooled by their angelic pictures they can both be a handful on their day, but as twins they just hate to be separated from each other. 


Cheryll and Sophie, have already, packed their lovely peach dresses, birth certificates and their little cuddly toys ready for their journey to their new home.


We are all ready at this end, YES it will break my heart, but I am confident they will love there new home, and their new parents.