This is dedicated to my three girls
who now sit at God's right hand
this is a happy page to celebrate
their birthday this Christmas

My Three Little Girls.

  I know that my spirit children may not have any wings,

But there is one thing I know for sure their praises I could sing,

The happiness they bring when I'm feeling down,


They lift me up with a feeling of joy for just having them around,

I know I never held them in my loving arms that's true,

For God you took my three little girls back home to live with you,


I do not weep or I'm not sad when I sit and think of them,

Because they're in a wonderful place and a life without end,

One day I'll be with them and it would be so nice,

Because we talk and walk altogether in a place called paradise.

Rosemary Scott 2002

Julie, Danielle & Christina

35 years ago, I gave my first daughter back to God, and then she was followed by her two sisters. Before God let me keep the  three children I now have, these are now grown up and I take much pleasure from my eight grandchildren.  As a reborn artist, I have decided to celebrate my first three daughters through my artistry and I have created, these three little darlings, just for you.

 Knowing the pleasure these babies bring to people, I thought it fit to give that pleasure to others, but also these babies have a little bit of my heart within them. I know the love they will receive, and the care they will be given will not be on this earth without them.

 A celebration of my children, to give some love to others in this sometimes troubled world.   




The trio started life as Berenguer
"La Baby" dolls and blossomed into the beautiful life-like babies you see here

After many months of preparation, they have arrived

They have been colored both inside and out, to give natural baby skin tones,


The true artistry comes across in the blushing of their faces, giving life to the vinyl.

Add to that the delicately painted eye brows and Hand-rooted eye lashes.

The trio have also received special attention to detail as they were given their very first manicure and pedicure, using only the finest of materials.

Soft cuddly bodies, have been hand crafted and filled with the softest of filling and delicately weighted with "Real to Hold" baby fats to feel just like real babies

Each baby has a "sterling silver" birth bracelet

 and a "Sara Lee" co-ordinated dress, along with their designer socks.

The whole outfit down to the baby vests have been hand picked for each baby separately

 A birth certificate, blanket, their own favourite cuddly toy, a diaper, a brush and comb set, also a letter to there new mummy and a certificate of authenticity will be included for each of them.

THREE times the LOVE


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