To Maximillian

Created By
International Artist
Rosemary Scott
Limited Addition Worldwide of 750 Number 162

Created on the 29th of January 2007
Weight 6bl 2oz Length 21''

I would like to introduce Max he is a beautiful Sculpt By
Laura Tuzio -Ross
From the Master Piece Galleries

Skin Tone
I have take all my pictures in natural daylight to get the full focus and the true realism of the skin toning

~Angelwing Baby ~
With each new Baby that is produced from Angelwing Nursery I strive for perfection with each one I do, and Baby Maximilian is no exception as I pride myself on striving to create the most realistic looking Babies as possible, with my own painting techniques using "Genesis" heat paints, for permanent non fade colouring 


~Hair To Stroke
Maximilian has the most loveliest soft to the touch, Baby hair
I have used Light Brown Mohair which is MICRO rooted for a full head of lovely hair, which then can be dampened and styled with real ease as the hair is glued in place with water resistant glue,


Body To Hold ~

"Softy, Squiggy, Squashy", is the best way to describe this little Angel Baby His hand designed soft body is filled with  the softest "Faux Fleece"  for that marvellous baby feeling her limbs and head have been filled in the same way as her body we comply with all regulations and there is no sand used in these Babies

Real Baby Feel~

His weight is evenly distributed, with a heavy head, just like the real thing, and you cannot stop yourself from supporting his head as you would any baby.
Maximillian's nose has also been gently opened, for added realism, and backed with felt to give it true depth
  As you look into his face you will see the delicate realism

~Face To Love~
 And I have lovingly applied  his "real hair" eyelashes , and given her fine hand painted eyebrows, to give him the appearance of the newborn

~His Little Fingers ~
Maximillian has received his very first French manicure and pedicure his little finger nails have been given a baby like tone to them and several coats of seal to keep their realism

~Lips To Kiss~

His lovely little lips have been given several coats of colour and sealer, to compliment the pallor of his face, which I have adorned with a beautiful true to life mottling effect 

To have a True Angelwing Nursery Baby is to have total Satisfaction and Exceptional Quality and a true Heirloom Quality Darling little Boy.

~Quick View~
 ≈ Sarah Louise Romper suit ≈
 ≈ Super Micro Rooted Hair ≈
 ≈ Hand Painted Eye Brows≈
 ≈ True to life Mottling effect ≈
 ≈ First French Manicure and pedicure ≈
 ≈ Hand Rooted eyelashes ≈
≈ Genesis heat paints ≈
 ≈ Angelwing Nursery Certificate of Authenticity ≈
 ≈ Birth Certificate (Blank) ≈
 ≈ Care letter ≈
 ≈ Brush & Comb Set ≈
 ≈ Shawl ≈
 ≈ His Favourite Soft Toy≈

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