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Born  23rd March '04

weight   5lbs 4ozs

length   22 inches


 Eden started life, as a Antonio Juan Baby doll and blossomed into the beautiful life-like baby you see here through many hours work in the art of reborning.

Filling this baby, with the love and care any mother would give to their child.


Eden has taken many hours, of proficiency and commitment, by the artist, to reach the perfection you see before you.  She was first lovingly stripped and given a nice bubble bath. 

When she was dry she was given a lovely hue to her skin tone, by painting her insides with a delicious blend of acrylic paints.  

To give her a natural lustrous complexion, to her soft baby skin. she was blushed on the outside to bring out the natural beauty of the baby-like skin.

  Eden was given a new cloth body, filled with soft natural fibre and her limbs beautifully weighted with silicon to give her a natural baby weight.

 Eden's head, has been hand sculpted to remove the factory hair lines, and to give her a super smooth scalp, before she was lovingly hand rooted

 and groomed with real mohair, which has been dyed with natural products to augment her skin tone and eyes. Her eyes are edged with realistic lashes to bring out the natural exquisiteness of her wonderful eyes.  She has also received her very first newborn manicure and pedicure.

Eden will arrive at her new home wearing the set of clothes as seen in these photo's

 A birth certificate, blanket, her own favourite cuddly toy, a diaper, a brush and comb set, also a letter to her new mummy will be included.


Now your "empty arms" can be full again and make you "Whole"


Reborn Artist:-

Rosemary Scott

Newcastle upon Tyne