Is Proud to


Our Little Welsh Rose


Reborn 12/11/03


3 lbs, 10 oz  18 inches long

Cerys started life, as a Berenguer "lots to Cuddle" vinyl doll and  blossomed into the beautiful  life-like babe you see here through the art of reborning.

Cerys was first lovingly stripped and given a nice bubble bath.  When she was dry she was given a lovely hue to her skin tone, by painting her inside with a luscious blend of acrylic paints.   To give her a natural glowing complexion, to her soft baby skin.

Cerys was given a new cloth body, filled with soft natural kapok and her silicon limbs beautifully weighted to give her a natural baby weight.  She was lovingly, groomed with a  real mohair wispy wig, and given two, baby eyes, edged with realistic hand rooted eye lashes to frame her wonderful eyes.   Her hands and feet have been dyed to give a natural baby look to them and them her face has been lovingly blushed to bring out her lovely cheeks.

Cerys will arrive at her new home wearing a white pure cotton, inverted satin pleated dress, decked with white satin ribbon bows, and matching white panties, and a co-ordinating bonnet. Her favourite teddy, blanket and brush and comb set and a birth certificate and also a letter to her new mummy