By Renowned Reborn Artist
~ Rosemary Scott ~



Reborn.....26th February 2005

Weight .................6lb 12oz

Length................. 22 inches


What could be more enjoyable and satisfying than having a new baby cradled in your arms? How many memories does it bring back to you?  Nothing else can make you so "complete" as a person and nothing else is so serene or calming.  The little bundle of joy in your arms, can stir your emotions more than anything else known.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself holding that baby.  Just feel the weight in your arms and the intoxicating baby smell.   Feel the comfort that it brings to you and try to stop ‘patting’ the baby as your hands twitch involuntarily.

Shantelle started life, as a  "Berenguer SE" doll and blossomed into the beautiful life-like baby you see here through many hours work in the art of reborning. Filling this baby, with the love and care any mother would give to their child.

Shantelle has taken many hours, of skill and dedication, by the artist, to reach the perfection you see before you, and has had her lips sculpted so she has a softer look to her mouth which has enhanced her face and gave her a beautiful overall appearance she is a true
 (One of a Kind) baby. 

She was first lovingly stripped and given a nice bubble bath. When she was dry she was given a lovely hue to her skin tone, by painting her inside with a luscious blend of acrylic paints, each layer is applied and allowed to dry naturally to give her the wonderful three dimensional look of realism of true life like babies skin.   

To give her a natural glowing complexion, to her soft baby skin each fold and crease has been lightly coloured to give her this lovely true to life baby look and all the products used to create our babies are of the highest standard & quality.

Shantelle was given a new cloth body, filled with soft natural fibre and "real to hold" baby fats and her  full limbs beautifully weighted with pure silicon to give her a natural baby weight, no sand has been used in any of her limbs only pure silicon, so  when she is picked up she just folds into you body, and you will find it so hard to put her down
the realism is within each baby that is made.  

 She was lovingly hand rooted and groomed with only the best mohair, which feels so soft and natural just like a new born babies, the Mohair  has been dyed with natural products to suit her skin tone which can be brushed and styled all hair follicles have been glued inside with a waterproof glue, so you can also gently wash it as you would a real baby. 


Shantelle was given a lovely set of Hand rooted eyelashes. Her eyebrows hand rooted and also glued from inside with a water proof glue for the authentic look.

 She has also received her very first newborn manicure and pedicure. which gives the look of just clipped baby nails which have been sealed more than once to make sure they lasts

Shantelle will arrive at her new home wearing the set of clothes as seen in these photo's
A birth certificate, blanket, her own favourite cuddly toy, a diaper, a brush and comb set, and many other extras,  also a letter to her new mummy will be included.


How can you resist such a cutie? this lovely little girl is so adorable you just will want to hole her for ever


All our babies that are made in the Angelwing Nursery are made with the true meaning of love which comes from my heart, I give each baby the care and attention, that will always be given to each new creation that I make.

Angelwing Nursery will always be happy to help with anything you wish to ask
I thank you for looking at each one of these little creations that I make.


Quick view
~ Beautiful True baby size, ~
~ Hand rooted ~
~ Hand painted ~
~ First French Manicure and pedicure ~
~ Hand Rooted eyebrows ~
~ "Real to hold" baby fats ~
~ Angelwing Nursery Certificate of Authenticity ~
~ Birth Certificate (Blank) ~
~ Care letter ~
~ Brush & Comb Set ~
~ Shawl ~
~ Her Favourite Soft Toy ~
To accompany her to her new home.


Thanks for looking