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Reborn.......6th April 2005

Weight .................5lb 7oz

Length................. 21 inches

Polly Started life, as a "Ellie Knoops" play doll and  I think you will agree with me as to how delectable she is, I am really happy with the outcome and I am sure you are too!!

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Give the emptiness in your heart, to this little girl to fill anew, Only YOU could take care of such a Darling little girl, and give her the Loving Caring home she needs.

Polly has been special to me, as for the first time in a long while I have been able to concentrate on a different kind of baby. she has taken days to build up the layers to create the three dimensional skin tones. 

Each and every hair has been lovingly positioned, even down to her eye-brows. Her face has been coloured both inside and out, to give real contrast and shading to make her look as real as possible.

Polly's hair has been micro rooted using a beautiful soft brown Mohair It is amazingly authentic and  suits her little features flawlessly.  This can be gently combed  and styled just as it says in her "Care Letter"

"Softy, Squiggy, Squashy", is the best way to describe her body,   she is filled with soft fibre fill and poly pellets, for the marvellous baby feel. Polly just falls into your arms when you pick her up as natural as a real baby would do.

Her weight is evenly distributed, with a heavy head, just like a real baby, and you cannot stop yourself from supporting her head as you would with a baby.

  As you look into her face you will see the Delicate realism, of her hand rooted eyebrows

Polly's nose has also been gently opened, for added realism,  and I have lovingly applied  her "real hair" eyelashes , to give her the appearance of the newborn baby

Her mouth has been given several coats of colour and sealer, to compliment the pallor of her face,

Polly's, quarter limbs , have also been coloured inside and out, and weighted to give that "real appeal".  She has also received her very first French manicure and pedicure.

Quick view
≈ Micro rooted ≈
≈ Hand painted ≈
≈ Hand Rooted eyebrows ≈
≈ First French Manicure and pedicure ≈
≈ Angelwing Nursery Certificate of Authenticity ≈
≈ Birth Certificate (Blank) ≈
≈ Care letter ≈
≈ Brush & Comb Set ≈
≈ Shawl ≈
≈ Her Favourite Soft Toy≈

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