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August 17, 2004

Weight: 5lbs 14oz

Length: 22in

www.AngelwingNursery.com presents Hayley-Marie by Artiste Rosemary Scott


Angelwing Nursery is excited to bring you precious Hayley-Marie.  This darling baby has been exquisitely reborn from a child’s play doll into the beautiful baby you see here. Many hours of labour and love have gone into each baby created.
 Adopting a GERBA Baby will ensure your complete Satisfaction and a doll of truly heirloom quality.

Hayley-Marie began her reborning process by receiving a warm bubble bath to remove all of her factory colouring.  Then she was hand painted internally with acrylic paints that enhance the colouring, bringing her baby skin tones to life.


This process can take several days, but nothing is rushed in creating such a lifelike baby.   Subtle veining was added in all the places a real baby’s would appear, to complete the realistic look of her beautiful skin 

Baby Hayley-Marie has received her first manicure and pedicure.  Her nails have been tipped with a soft white for a new born look and then sealed to guarantee years of pleasure from her tiny digits.   

 Hayley-Marie has received a full head of MICRO-ROOTED premium mohair in a browny-black.  This is a very meticulous and time consuming part of the reborning process.

The hair is hand rooted to look like a real newborn baby's. This enables you to be able to wash and style your babies hair into all those cute baby styles.  Without the fear of it all dropping out.


Hayley-Marie's body has been replaced with a home made jointed body, this allows maximum pose ability, as you can see from the photo’s. you can pose her to any of your requirements.  She has been gently filled, with a soft fibre-fill and weighted with poly pellets to add that new born weight.

Hayley-Marie's limbs have been filled with pure silicone to give the right feel and weight to her hands and feet.  Hayley-Marie feels just like a real baby when she is cuddled, and then you will be afraid to let go of her

Her eyes are framed by HAND ROOTED eyelashes in the same color mohair as her hair.  Each eyelash is hand trimmed to be sparse like a real baby.   Hand rooted eyebrows add to the marvel of this true to life baby

Hayley-Marie can breathe! As her nose has been carefully opened  It has been backed with a dark felt to add more realism to this already amazing creation

 Her lips appear moist due to them having been coloured and sealed.

Hayley-Marie will arrive at her new home with the clothes, shown in her photo’s, a shawl, diaper, cuddly toy, blank birth certificate, also a Certificate of Authenticity from Angelwing Nursery and a letter to her new mummy on how to care for her.


please email rosemary@angelwingnursery.com if you have any questions