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Re: Welcome

contacting angelwingnursery with a question?

From: julie
Date: 26 Nov 2004
Time: 00:56:35 +0100
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Hi there, was a little bit stuck as to how to actually contact anyone on the Angelwings Nursey site as there is no email contact facility. I originally filled in an order form with a question, but have heard nothing back so I assume it didnt work. Is there an email address where I can contact someone? In addition...the babies in the nursery that do not have adoption details posted, are they actually up for adoption, or is it just to give an idea of how baby will look for when a custom order is placed? One last thing....really impressed withthe realism of these babies, quite exquisite, in particular the "three girls". It says that they are "up for auction" is this true? Is this as a set of triplets or as individuals....and if so when?? sorry so many questions, and possibly the wrong place to ask, but really have tried all other obvious options. Am very keen to have a go myself, but really not sure where to start...any pointers please? thank you all Julie


From: Rosie
Date: 03 Nov 2004
Time: 18:46:21 +0100
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Gail, thanks for that, it nice to share, here in the UK we cannot get the RIT dyes.

new to reborning

From: gailannflorida
Date: 31 Okt 2004
Time: 18:37:55 +0100
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I have been researching different reborning techniques. First off , I have read that some people paint the inside of their dolls with paint. And others are using rit dye. Which in anyones estimation is more successful. Second as I am new to this, I have bought a 15 inch practice doll. One of the things I tried this morning with success is using dental floss to separate fingers and toes, be careful not to go beyond 1/4 inch as you can cut into the empty space of the hands/fingers. Thought I would share .

lips and wrinkles

From: web master
Date: 25 Okt 2004
Time: 21:28:49 +0200
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colour depends on the vinyl you wish to paint, any soft kind of pink, rose pink, or crimson I use a lot, but once again it all comes down to the colour of the original vinyl and the artists preferences, sorry I cannot be hard and fast about colours, but thats part of the artistry in reborning.

Reborning: Lip color and highlighting wrinkles

From: Melissa in Canada
Date: 08 Okt 2004
Time: 05:13:58 +0200
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Hi everyone, I am so glad that I found this site. Rosemary, you make Beautiful babies!!! I have a question for those of you who are experienced reborners. What colors do you use for lip colors? I want to change my Berenguers lips, but I have no ideas what colors look good when mixing and what type: Acrylic or Oil based? Also, what do you ladies use for highlighting the wrinkles on the babies? What colors also? Thanks so much Melissa

From: The Watcher
Date: 01 Aug 2004
Time: 15:20:08 +0200
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Well, well, well. Another facet of Angelwings which has caught the 'eye of the Watcher' H'mmm, let me think now. What devillish commnets could one post here. I'll have to give this some considerable thought, as I wouldn't want to comprimise my position of 'Proof-Reader' extraordinaire now, would I? We'll have to wait and see what comments are posted here in order to determine whether I commit to a barage of insults and innuendo towards the compilers. Farewell loyal readers, watch this space as they say.

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